Build An App In Minutes With No Coding Skills

Build An App In Minutes With No Coding Skills

TheAppBuilder lets anyone create an app for free on a Mac or Windows desktop for an iPhone or Android device.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 march 2012

TheAppBuilder is a web interface that allows anyone, regardless of technological knowledge, to create a mobile app for free within minutes. This new tool extends app creation to people without coding skills, making it quick and simple for everyone.

An iPhone or Android app can be created on a Mac or Windows desktop and once its finished, you can update it on your smartphone or tablet. TheAppBuilder provides a suite of tabs (News, Gallery, YouTube, Twitter, RSS, Contact, Web View), which you can easily add and customize by changing the tab icons, headings and order. You can also publish your Facebook posts, Vimeo videos and Google Docs forms.

Apps created using TheAppBuilder are automatically submitted to the iTunes App Store, Android Market and Windows Phone Marketplace, and you can update the content as often as you want.

There are a number of new features for app creation in the pipeline, including a map tab, embedded files, in-app advertising, analytics, a WordPress plugin and app templates. You can watch the video below to see a walkthrough showing how to get started:


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