20 Artists & Scientists Will Try To Solve Climate Change On Remote Pacific Island

20 Artists & Scientists Will Try To Solve Climate Change On Remote Pacific Island
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Setting sail for an isolated French island off the coast of Mexico a multidisciplinary team will research and express environmental concerns.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 march 2012

A group of twenty artists and scientists from nine different countries set sail on a three-week journey yesterday to an uninhabited French island off the coast of Mexico. They were invited to investigate the effects of climate change and increase public awareness of environmental issues by presenting and expressing the relevant information creatively.

20 Artists & Scientists Investigate Climate Change On Remote Pacific Island

Clipperton Island is 2.3 square miles (6 square kilometers), has no drinkable water and is said to have poisonous crabs and rats. The Clipperton Project uses artistic and scientific collaborations to increase the public’s understanding of key social issues with engaging, high-quality information, and attempts to catalyze positive action on environmental protection. The British project leader, Jonathan Bonfliglio, said:

The Clipperton Project aims to create a new kind of discourse and presentation of climate change, using Clipperton Island as a prism through which this broad theme can be seen.

The expedition, which set sail from the Mexican port of La Paz in three sail boats, returns on March 30th. After that, the scientific research and artworks produced by the participants will be exhibited in a variety of institutions, museums and foundations, alongside community engagement and educational programs.

The Clipperton Project

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