Cut Your Finger And Save A Life With Bandage Bone Marrow Donor Kits

Cut Your Finger And Save A Life With Bandage Bone Marrow Donor Kits

Help Remedies provides easy-to-use registry kits inside bandage packs to increase the number of donors.

Alice Chan
  • 6 march 2012

Copywriting portfolio teacher, Graham Douglas is pioneering a solution to help patients in need of bone marrow transplants find the right donors. In partnership with Help Remedies, Douglas created a combination bandage and bone marrow registration kit that reduces the hassle donors face of going through tests and signing up to be part of the registry. When users reach for a bandage for a small cut, they have the option of simply swabbing a cotton tip with blood and mail it off to DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow center.

The idea – “Help, I’ve Cut Myself and I Want to Save a Life” was created by Douglas, who has an identical twin brother who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 18. Luckily, his brother was able to find a suitable bone marrow donor and is now healthy. Douglas was confronted with the lack of available donors for many ethnic populations in the National Marrow Donor Program and came up with this potential solution. In an article in Fast Co.Exist, he said:

We decided that we should put a marrow registry kit in a box of bandages. You cut yourself when you’re cutting a bagel, reach for a box of bandages, and the first thing that comes out is the marrow registry kit. It takes a few seconds and a drop of blood.

The kits will be available for sale on Help’s website for US$4. Watch a promotional video for a further explanation of the kit below:

Help, I’ve Cut Myself and I Want to Save a Life

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