A simple piece of polyester folded in a specific manner, ensures you never lose your spot.

Reading on the subway has become somewhat of a ritual engaged in by millions of daily commuters. However, reading without sitting or holding onto some kind of support, while pressed against strangers, requires flexible reading skills. Trying not to lose your page while reading, in the constant stream of people and movement, can be quite a challenge. Now because of a new clever bookmark, the risk of losing your page while reading is no more: enter the Albatros bookmark.

The Albatros bookmark consists of a thin piece of polyester that is inserted in the book. Thanks to its structure and shape, every time you turn a page, the bookmark follows it through the motion of the paper. Once you have placed it in your book, you can close it at anytime and the bookmark will keep your place. So for those inveterate multitasking commuters rushing to get in or out of the subway, bus or equivalent, just drop the book in your bag, and you will find the Albatros at the page you stopped at last. The design is so simple we can't stop wondering why this clever gadget was not invented before.

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