Alicia Martin's book sculptures show swells of books pouring from windows onto the ground below


Imagine a deluge of books cascading from a window and you will get an idea of what Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin’s book installations look like. Each sculpture is a torrent of white paper and colorful book covers pouring from a small window and splashing onto the ground below.The books, which are real and are free to flop in the wind, are fixed to each other by a metal mesh tube. Called Biographias each sculpture is constructed out of approximately 5,000 books.

Books become more than just a container for knowledge but something alive and expressive in and of themselves. Free from the musty library shelves they are objects that contain an energy that accompanies the words on their pages. Perhaps the meditation on the book as object, and what that communicates to the reader, is something worth considering in an era of tablet and e-reading devices.

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