Bus Shelter Ad Lets You Choose What Song To Play

Bus Shelter Ad Lets You Choose What Song To Play

An interactive campaign for an insurance company in Australia provides music selected by QR codes.

Plus Aziz
  • 7 march 2012

There’s countless ways brands can enrich dull experiences; like waiting at a bus shelter for example.

A bus shelter in Sydney, Australia was outfitted by NRMA Insurance with a sound system that plays tracks people can select with QR codes. The tactic is meant to reinforce the message that their policy covers extra features like leather seats, custom sound systems, and alloy wheels that make you more comfortable in your vehicle. People at the bus shelter go through the process of ‘Liking’ NRMA’s Facebook page to download an app that enables them to pick a song to play at the shelter.

Even though the campaign is a little tongue-in-cheek, the concept inspires further ideas in the vein of adding sound to otherwise rather uninteresting spaces, and adding choice to advertising.

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