The new CityMaps iPhone app maps retail locations with brand logos, making an impromptu shopping trip a breeze and demonstrates our dense, commercial urban areas.

Imagine a city map of New York, San Francisco, and Austin comprised entirely of brand logos. The novel idea was conceived by New York-based startup, CityMaps in a newly released social mapping iPhone app. Three cities are visualized according to their their retail landmarks instead of street names and numbers –  it’s an astounding way to view cities, where you’re never a block away from a shop, Starbucks, or restaurant.

We took to the streets of Soho in New York on this warm spring day testing CityMaps in search of ice cream nearby. Our query yielded 15 results, and we stood looking as our destination was sprinkled among H&M, David Z, Sephora, and the countless other shops that line Broadway.

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