Concept Glasses Overlay Social Networks Onto The Real World [Video]

Concept Glasses Overlay Social Networks Onto The Real World [Video]
Design & Architecture

Michael Harboun brings together AR, brain computer interface and our online connection to layer philosophical questioning on the everyday world.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2012

For his thesis project, Michaël Harboun developed a concept pair of glasses called Transcendenz. These push boundaries by bringing together augmented reality, brain computer interface and social networks to offer an immersive experience to the wearer.

The glasses build empathy through mature gamification, tracking your emotions and actions in the real world. Everyday life is connected to an invisible reality of overlaid ideas, concepts and philosophical questioning and the wearer is constantly challenged to broaden their worldview.

Transcendenz is a system integrated into an object, a pair of glasses. But it’s not the glasses which matter, it’s what’s happening when you’re wearing them. While using Transcendenz, the perception of the world around us is transformed. This transformation aims to reveal an invisible philosophy, hidden behind the everyday world.

Check out the video below to see the project in action:


+augmented reality
+brain computer interface
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