Behance: Athletes That Look Like Statues, Salty French Typography And More Creative Inspiration

Behance: Athletes That Look Like Statues, Salty French Typography And More Creative Inspiration

In this week's column from the Behance Network we see the projects that are both made by and inspiring today's young creative professionals.

  • 17 march 2012

Each week, Behance Network— The Creative Professional Platform — brings us their picks for the most inspiring projects curated from their recent archives. Members create portfolios to broadcast their work widely and efficiently. Millions of visitors come to the Network to see the wide variety of work and find talent to hire. This week some creative inspiration to get get you thinking and making.

Exhibition: Enchanted Forest by Hine Mizushima (British Columbia)
Bats, slugs, ants, and other creepy crawlies are transformed into something cuddly through felting and detailed embroidery.  [Project Link]

Aspects of Realism by Diver & Aguilar (London, United Kingdom)
Real athletes photographed to look like hyperrealist sculptures. Instead of huge and hulking, these big guys look like tiny toys. [Project Link]

Bien le Bonjour by Sebastien Cuypers (Paris, France)
French speakers will chuckle at the salty slogans, but those who can’t translate can appreciate the fun typography and silhouette portraiture of these T-shirt designs. [Project Link]

KTN X Datsik & Strange Fruit by Digimental Studio (London, United Kingdom)
Glowing pink jewels in the eye sockets of a skull and neon DJs on a lit-up Eiffel Tower background provide the visuals for these electronic dance music LP and album covers. [Project Link]

A Huddled Mass of Liberties, Part III by Thomas Fuchs (New York, NY)
The New York City postcard stretches beyond the usual overused imagery with these 4X6 acrylic paintings of the Statue of Liberty as a gangster, a palm tree, and a dog. [Project Link]
Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Creative thinkers – the people with the most ideas – often struggle the most with organization and productivity. We aim to change that.

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