Design Creative Of The Week: Minsung Lee [Product/Industrial/Spatial]

Design Creative Of The Week: Minsung Lee [Product/Industrial/Spatial]
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The hottest new talent of the week brought to you by PSFK x Arts Thread. This week a furniture designer who creates unique wood pieces for public and private use.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 17 march 2012

Minsung Lee, To-gather

PSFK’s creative of the week, chosen from the ARTS THREAD online portfolios, is Minsung Lee. Lee graduated from the London Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) in Furniture and Product Design. The Korea-born designer initially studied web and interior design for a few years before moving to London where a curiosity to understand how everyday objects work drove Lee to study furniture and product design.

Why we love Minsung Lee:

Lee’s To-gather park bench is an innovative take on the traditional outdoor furniture piece:

A bench in a city environment is of course about resting your mind and body for a while, but also about communication with people around you. The intention of this piece of furniture is the promotion of communication and interaction, allowing people to sit in a way that is more flexible and social. The bench will fulfill a personal and social need for shared life in public space.

Minsung Lee, Log Chair

The way people interact with one another and with the objects is the driving force behind Lee’s work:

I see my designs as a method for improving the connection between people and the products they use. I like to design furniture that gives users unique experiences and makes them smile.

Although preferring to work with natural materials such as wood, Lee is looking to work with new materials on an upcoming project:

I usually like working on wood but this time, I’m trying to get an unusual effect by adding some other materials such as plastic or metal pieces on to wood.

Minsung Lee, Doggy Stool

How to contact Minsung Lee:

Lee can be contacted at and is looking for new and exciting projects to get involved with:

I would be interested in design work which can give people a deeper appreciation of furniture and bring something new into the furniture industry.

Minsung Lee

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