Do We Need A Secondary Market For Crowdfunded Projects?

Do We Need A Secondary Market For Crowdfunded Projects?

TinyLightBulbs aims to pick up where sites like Kickstarter leave off - helping crowdfunded projects that have become a reality now gain scale. Does this business model indicate the need for an intermediary market?

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 march 2012

Earlier this week, we caught wind of TinyLightBulbs, an online marketplace that hosts post-crowdfunded projects. These are the kind of independent projects that successfully gain initial funding to bring the idea to reality, but that still need additional help to gain scale. According to TinyLightBulbs:

Often, the most unique ideas are not born in the minds of large companies but in the creativity of motivated individuals. Many great indie products have come out of crowd funding or independent funding. However, once that funding is complete, the product can often fall by the wayside and lose visibility. TinyLightbulbs changes that.

What this indicates to us is that Kickstarter may be only be a first step — exposing the need for a secondary market of sorts that helps these now crowdfunded projects gain additional visibility and traction through a small-to-midsized marketplace that helps those projects gain exposure and scale. Of course, TinyLightBulbs must have sufficient traffic and visitor volume itself for it to be a more viable route than setting up your own online store.

We’re curious to learn of any particular success stories emerging from TinyLightBulbs; projects that have gained scale, mass-marketability or been acquired stemming from their presence on the marketplace. We’ll keep our eyes out.


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