Giant Doritos Vending Machine Doubles As SXSW Stage

Giant Doritos Vending Machine Doubles As SXSW Stage

The 56-foot-tall machine was built for the launch of the new "Jacked" tortilla chips and featured real bags with huge chips inside.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 march 2012

The SXSW Music Festival featured a special stage for performers in the form of a giant vending machine as part of Doritos‘ launch of their new “Jacked” tortilla chips. The Jacked Stage hosted a number of musical performances over the weekend including Snoop Dogg, The Cool Kids and Gemma Ray, and also served up product samples and prizes to festival-goers.

The 56-foot-tall machine (50 times bigger than a standard vending machine) was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and featured real bags of Doritos with giant chips inside. The new Jacked chips, which will be available nationwide next week, are 40% bigger in size and thickness and come in two flavor combinations: Enchilada Supreme and Smoky Chipotle BBQ.

Giant Doritos Vending Machine Doubles As Music Stage At SXSW

Festival attendees were given the opportunity to earn large Doritos-branded quarters that could be inserted into the vending machine to redeem products and special prizes. The giant quarters were awarded for engaging via social media, such as checking in at The Jacked Stage using Foursquare, tweeting with the #DoritosJACKED hashtag, posting an Instagram photo and/or a Doritos Jacked status update on Facebook.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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