Alice Waters, Rick Bayless, and others contribute to a plant list for the ultimate food garden designed by Country Living magazine.

For the latest issue of Country Living, the magazine includes a detailed feature on the ultimate kitchen garden. Top chefs, including Alice Waters, Rick Bayless, Deborah Madison, Frank Stitt and Peter Hoffman, provided inspiration by contributing to a plant list for the garden, which was planted at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

The 32′ x 56′ plot was divided into a grid of 12 raised beds and 99 “incredible edibles” including the ‘Dragon’s Tongue’ bean and the ‘Mountain Magic’ tomato were selected by chefs and planted in the organic garden. The magazine feature includes a plan of the ultimate kitchen garden, instructions for scaling it down, recipes from all 13 chefs and a complete list of the 99 plants.

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