Pinterest For Foodies Reinvents The Cookbook

Pinterest For Foodies Reinvents The Cookbook

I Wanna Nom is a new visual bookmarking site for foodies that provides a discussion function to create more of an online forum.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 5 march 2012

We were recently introduced to the newly-launched I Wanna Nom, a visual bookmark-based index of the recipes and dishes you want to try later. Nom allows you to store, track and share that food porn that you want to refer back to or cook later, and to rate and comment on the dish (including if/how you modified it) afterwards. Nom allows you to search and filter based on the ingredient or item you’re craving, and, of course, to connect to your personal community and take inspiration from what they’re finding and cooking.

It’s this last part of the service that we found the most interesting and differentiated among the visual bookmarking and inspiration sites (like Pinterest). I Wanna Nom can cultivate a community among foodies in particular — something that the broader interest-based Pinterest just hasn’t quite nailed (you can Pin food porn – but there’s little to no discussion around the community’s experimentation with any given dish).

I Wanna Nom is the first project and product developed by We Are Nomadic, developers of ‘new technologies that create utility and value from the things we all hunt and gather during our travels around the digital world.’ If you’re at SXSW this year, you may stumble into Danny Nathan and Chuck Masucci, the duo behind We Are Nomadic.

I Wanna Nom

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