What Is The Future Of Digital Interaction?

What Is The Future Of Digital Interaction?

PSFK is featuring a series of videos about innovative interaction design. What should it aspire to as a field? And what is its ultimate goal?

Sam McNerney
  • 10 march 2012

This week, PSFK is featuring a series of videos created by Christian Svanes Kolding that take on various aspects of the question: what makes great interaction design? His series explores the definition of the process, a discussion of its potential aspirations and how to achieve greatness, to more poetic documentations of various examples. The films were created for the Interaction Design Association in tandem with the first annual Interaction Awards, held in Dublin, February 2012, and can be downloaded via the website.

‘Aspirations‘ is the second film in the series. It explores what interaction design can aspire towards, delving into the meaning of greatness in the field. Various jurors weigh in on what they believe is the ultimate goal of I.D. Some argue that the best interaction design is completely invisible to the user. While an opposing view point says that it has to be meaningful, relevant and beautiful. Yet another holds that it has a greater function — to reflect the larger systems that power things.

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself:

Directed and edited by Christian Svanes Kolding (@cskolding)


Jurors: matt jones (@moleitau), helen walters (@helenwalters), robert fabricant (@fabtweet), jonas löwgren (@jonaslowgren), janna devylder (@jdevylder), massimo banzi (@mbanzi), and younghee jung (@jabberer).

Excerpts From: ford smart gauge (; loop loop (; out of the box (; ready for zero (; and pepsi refresh (


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