Gamifying One Of The Toughest Jobs On Earth

Gamifying One Of The Toughest Jobs On Earth

Playcall adds gaming elements to the demanding task of working at a call center.

Tom Moore
  • 27 march 2012

Chilean start-up Arcaris aims to make call centers a more enjoyable place to work. The company’s people-centric call center platform ‘Playcall’ uses game dynamics in order to encourage positive worker behavior, increasing motivation and performance.

Although Playcall incorporates some basic gamification elements – such as achievement badges, levels and leaderboards – it also attempts to build in more complex social and psychological dimensions. For example, each achievement completed by a staff member is not unlocked automatically. Instead, it is sent by a supervisor to the worker together with compliments and other personalized feedback.

Playcall was launched in 2010 and is now operating in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. Key personnel from Arcaris have been based in Silicon Valley since late-2011 to develop the software further, with plans for expansion throughout North America in 2012.

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