The women's magazine has heeded its readers discomfort and is adjusting the magazine images accordingly.

Glamour survey finds 60% of readers feel it’s OK to retouch personal photos, but are uneasy about retouching in media unless it’s for simple, obvious flaws like a pimple or wrinkled blouse.  The magazine responds with a new retouching pledge.  Cynthia Leive, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, states: “Retouching has its limits — or should — and Glamour plans to take a stronger role in setting ours. You told us you don’t want little things like freckles and scars removed, and we agree; those are the kinds of details that make each woman on the planet unique and beautiful. And while our policy has always been not to alter a woman’s body shape, we’ll also be asking photographers we hire not to manipulate body size in the photos we commission, even if a celebrity or model requests a digital diet (alas, it happens).” Stylelist

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