The BookCase from Swell Accessories lets you protect your e-reader with a cover made from an old book.

Swell Accessories has announced that they are making covers for all Kindle models using old books. The BookCase is made from vintage hardback book covers “lovingly sorted and hand picked for their size and interest.” The repurposed covers offer those with an e-reader the opportunity to still feel like they're holding a book when they're reading.

Design Indaba reports that each unique BookCase for Kindle is handmade in Durban, South Africa. Swell Accessories' range includes the BookCase for iPad2, BookEnds (peel and stick rear protectors) for the iPad and iPhone 4, and a cushion for propping up your iPad which is aptly called the iCushion. The BookCase for Kindle will be in stock on the Swell Accessories website soon. Click through to see more pictures of the repurposed items:

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