Russell Davies Gives PSFK Some Advice On How To Make A Magazine

Russell Davies Gives PSFK Some Advice On How To Make A Magazine
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Head of Planning at R/GA London, and columnist at Wired shares his thoughts with us on how to successfully get back to analog in our digital age.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 17 march 2012

At the same time as our PSFK CONFERENCE NYC on March 30, we aim to publish our first magazine. It’s a fun adventure into what PSFK could do offline. To help us think about our approach a little, we spoke to Russell Davies, who among many other interesting things knows how to print a newspaper. Below are the questions we asked and his responses:

So, we are planning to release a magazine at the same time as our NYC conference. We will base the contents around the themes that will run through the talks at the events. Any advice for an online daily publisher wanting to go analog?

Only the obvious ones. It takes longer. It’s not the same as printing out the web. It’s easier to charge for but harder to carry.

What could we do to keep the paper interactive? For example, do we add QR codes to allow people to ‘see more’ (such as an accompanying video)?

Why make it interactive? The world’s not short of interactive things. Just make it good at what it is.

And how can me make it a social experience? What could we do to add a meta-layer above the printed page which allows likeminded readers to connect around content?

As above.

Finally, what topic area would make you pick up an special issue of PSFK, the magazine?

Trains. Or radio.

:) Ok then… Thanks Russell!

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