Hyundai Uses Hypnosis Ads To Get People To Buy Their Cars

Hyundai Uses Hypnosis Ads To Get People To Buy Their Cars

The automaker is using British celebrity and hypnotist Peter Powers in a new immersive video campaign.

Ishmael Vasquez
  • 16 march 2012

To promote and create awareness in The Netherlands around the new Hyundai i30, Hyundai has asked for the help of professional hypnotist Peter Powers. Powers is a famous British television personality and hypnotist.

Powers created the “Online Hypnosis Experiment”, a 15 minute immersive video designed to be watched full screen with headphones on. The experiment takes you through the motions and slowly puts you under hypnosis, letting you experience the Hyundai i30 in ways you’ve never experienced before. Anyone who takes part in the experiment does so voluntarily and with full knowledge of the intended results.

To promote the Online Hypnosis Experiment and the new i30, Hyundai created a trailer in which Peter Powers demonstrates the power of hypnosis with three test subjects:


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