Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise funds to produce the cover, which features an integrated wall charger that folds flat for maximum portability.

The JuiceTank is a creative design for a useful iPhone 4/4S case that has a built-in wall charger plug, eliminating the need for separate cords or chargers. Two flat prongs embedded in the back of the case pop up when you click the button and you can then plug your smartphone directly into any outlet. This idea is being marketed on Kickstarter and is a great example of how crowdfunding can bypass traditional product development models to create something really useful.

Designed by New York City-based Jesse Pliner and Lloyd Gladstone, the product fits standard power outlets in the United States, Canada and Mexico. They also built a micro USB port into the case so users have the option to charge and sync with a cord if they have one handy. The JuiceTank is made from a high grade polycarbonate and the inside features a soft-touch rubberized finish. It will retail for $70 and will go into full production if they meet their goal of $125,000. You can get your hands on one early if you pledge $55 to the campaign. Check out the video below for more information:

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