Control iTunes And Spotify With Hand Gestures

Control iTunes And Spotify With Hand Gestures

Innovative software allows Mac users to operate programs with simple motions.

Yi Chen
  • 29 march 2012

Flutter allows Mac-users to control music on their computer without having to use their keyboard or mouse. Created by a startup, the app utilizes the built-in web camera to bring motion-based gesture control. Currently it works only with music programs like iTunes and Spotify. When Flutter is turned on, users can use intuitive hand motions such as a simple flick to skip a track or holding their hand still to stop the music. Gestures can be recognized up to six-feet away.

The potential for Flutter to expand into other markets such as utility programs and gaming is huge. Already, the company is planning to bring the same motion-based technology to video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix. The startup is also interested in licensing the technology to other companies that might want to integrate gesture controls into their software apps or programs.

Watch the short video below for a quick demonstration of Flutter:


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