PSFK chats with John Bielenberg about how you have to start from a creative place that can seem off-kilter in order to come up with truly new ideas.

“Do shit that matters,” proclaimed John Bielenberg during his Design Indaba 2012 talk. Though he's viewed as a designer, entrepreneur, social activist, author, and educator; he prefers the title of ‘creative insurgent.’ Armed with a surefire mission that connects design, enterprise, and social impact to drive positive change in the world, Bielenberg suggested that attendees shouldn't simply think outside the box, but instead think wrong. As an advocate of thinking wrong, he sees conventional thinking as a threat to design. Often, remarked Bielenberg, the creative process entails – receive brief, boom, solution – designers become victims of their own heuristic neural pathways (learned, pre-determined behavior). Thinking wrong disrupts that process and offers the potential for truly creative solutions.

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