The sketches and thoughts of the well-known street artist are published online to build buzz about the current NYC exhibit.

As part of its large-scale exhibit of Keith Haring's early works, the Brooklyn Museum will give fans a sneak peek into his journal for free online. The small catch is that only one page of the journal will be scanned and posted on the Tumblr blog each day for the duration of the event. The organizers hope that this will create a buzz by letting fans build a more personal connection to the artist.

The journal has revealed Haring's personal sketches, encryption, and even a budget tally. Haring was a pioneer of street art and culture in New York City in the 1980s. His vibrant and bold artworks are iconic and can be found on walls, in museums, and on commercial packaging. Haring not only was an inspirational artist, but he was also a philanthropist, especially when it came to AIDS-related causes and children's charities.

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