LED Bicycle Handlebars Glow And Signal Turns [Pics]

LED Bicycle Handlebars Glow And Signal Turns [Pics]
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The prototype Glo-Bars are built-in, rechargeable lights that make the cyclist and the road more visible and could be the end of accidents.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 march 2012

Industrial designer Mitchell Silva is developing a bicycle illumination system that integrates add-on functions into the bike itself. Glo-Bars are rechargeable LEDs built into the handlebars, which emit a bright light. They illuminate the cyclist so they are visible to other traffic, as well as the road ahead so they can see where they are going at night. The lights, which would replace the need for clip-on headlamps, also double as turn signal indicator. Silva describes how the system was created:

For the construction of the prototype, I cut long strips out of the bars and installed plastic tubing on the inside of the bars to help keep them rigid. I then installed approximately 40 high-efficiency LED bulbs in the inner plastic tubing, and installed a momentary actuator button on the back of the bars. The whole system runs off of a watch battery.

Mitchell Silva

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