Can small businesses change the reputation many associate with the 'Made in China' label?

Independent designers Huishan Zhang and Marsha Ma set out to recast “Made in China” as an indicator of high-quality fashion, building their brand equity in Paris and choosing only to work with fabrics suppliers in small quantities. Both designers trained in London at Central Saint Martins and have developed different styles of work.

Huishan imports his wool from Qingdao, his hometown. He was quoted in Women's Wear Daily saying:

I am very lucky that these manufacturers are willing to produce small trial quantities of fabric for me. Usually, they only take big bulk orders for export. What I want to show is that ‘Made in China,’ if combined with ‘Designed in China,’ can be high quality and good. Not the cheap stuff, or the fakes… I want to develop my style and reputation in the West and then move to China. Ultimately, China is where I want to make it big.

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