Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat By Scanning The Arm Of Your Chair

Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat By Scanning The Arm Of Your Chair

QkR by Mastercard will let people avoid long lines and order after sitting in the theater using a mobile payment system.

Dylan Schenker
  • 6 march 2012

Smartphones are providing customers with more direct and immediate access to services in a more efficient manner. In brick-&-mortar businesses in particular, waiting in line is becoming a thing of the past as ordering has been relegated to phones. Movie theaters in particular benefit by offering paperless tickets that can be downloaded directly onto phones and scanned in a matter of moments.

MasterCard is the next company to expand in this area, this time moving from the theater lobby into the theater itself. One of the rituals of any movie-going experience is to wait in line to purchase popcorn, soda and/or candy. Yet there is always the concern that any line endangers getting to the movie itself in a timely manner. Nobody wants to be held up by lines so MasterCard has developed a new application called QkR that let’s patrons order their food directly from the theater.  Using either NFC or QR code technology, patrons scan the arm rest of their chair to place an order. Ushers will then deliver their food directly to them.

By mediating the process or servicing customers through smartphone technology there is no line hierarchy. All customers given equal attention to make purchases at the same time and in the same manner. In contrast, services that do not need to focus on managing lines can focus more on the product being served and the efficiency of its delivery.

The initiative is currently taking place at Hoyts La Premiera theaters in Australia and is being developed by MasterCard in conjunction with Commonwealth Bank.

Check out the video below to see the technology in action:

Image via MissBossy on Flickr

QkR for Android

QkR For iPhone


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