Microphone Lets You Create Music On Any Surface [Video]

Microphone Lets You Create Music On Any Surface [Video]

Contact mic turns a tree, mirror or table into a musical instrument.

Yi Chen
  • 1 march 2012

, short for mosaicing gestural surface, is a contact microphone that allows any surface to be turned into a musical instrument. You can attach it to a tree, mirror, glass or even a balloon to begin playing music on it. The microphone can assign different sounds to different gestures. The tone of the sound changes, depending on what kind of material and texture you’re playing on. For example, on a tree trunk the sound emitted is more deep and hollow, while on a window, it’s more high-pitched and tinkling.

The device was created by Bruno Zamborlin, a PHD student at the University of London. Zamborlin is currently “exploring new methods for gestural interaction and its applications in performing arts and the creation of new musical instruments.”

Watch the video below to see how Mogees works.


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