Minimalist iPad App Offers A More Authentic Drawing Experience

Minimalist iPad App Offers A More Authentic Drawing Experience

A new app by FiftyThree eschews complex menus and options, allowing for a more intuitive method of creating and storing images and notes.

Dan Gould
  • 31 march 2012

Launching today is the brand new free app ‘Paper by FiftyThree.’ Designed from the ground up as a platform to create on the go, Paper is an intuitive way to capture sketches, illustrations and notes. Minimal settings and app architecture make using the program as easy as drawing in a notebook.

Paper takes advantage of the iPad’s sharp Retina display and uses an expressive ink engine to offer realistic detail and smooth control of all of the drawing tools. The app comes with the “Draw” fountain pen tool and additional tools such as pencils, markers and brushes can be purchased from the in-app store.

Watch a video demo below to see the amazing app in action:

Georg Petschnigg and Andrew Allen will be live sketching our PSFK CONFERENCE NYC tomorrow. Follow the event at  #PSFKNYC #MadeWithPaper. / @fiftythree

Click on the banner below to get more information about the event.

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