Tyler Brûlé has built a brand that has the ability to rival many European luxury companies across product categories.

As Monocle hits its 5th anniversary, I wonder if it's time to re-contemplate the brand that that Tyler Brûlé and his team have worked so hard to build. Is Monocle still a magazine or is it now a brand with credibility that could rival any of the European luxury houses?

Monocle launched as a magazine and from the outset it was a hit. Brulé, a London-based Canadian, seemed to have outgrown his Wallpaper roots and had created a journal that from the outset fed a mix of play, work and world agenda to a creative class where social, business and politics had become just as blurred. As the magazine grew, it sprouted small shops across the world, created online radio shows, collaborated tirelessly with brands and started selling premium products. The About Us page on the Monocle.com reads:

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