How Will Instagram Monetize Its Platform?

How Will Instagram Monetize Its Platform?

InstagridNetwork offers a platform to connect brands to influential Instagram users for content creation - and monetization opportunities for avid network participants.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 6 march 2012

Our attention was recently caught by the InstagridNetwork platform, which aims to connect brands with the most influential users on Instagram — with the end goal of creating opportunities for influential users to increase a brand’s presence on the platform, those users will then be compensated for their efforts. According to the team behind InstragridNetwork:

[In the changing media landscape]…new opportunities are available for brands willing to take risks. We’re experimenting with new models of content production and community engagement. The last thing we want to do is pollute Instagram with display ads, this is something different.

This ‘something different’ is backed by a commitment to maintain the authenticity of the Instagram community, without spamming the platform with advertising — the aim is to keep content creative and tasteful and uncompromised.

So what form will that content take? We don’t yet know, but we imagine that it will take inspiration from large but avat-garde brands like Levi’s that started to connect with, and empower, creative users to collaborate with the brand on the platform. In the meantime, interested Instagram users and brands can connect with InstagridNetwork at

InstagridNetwork was developed by the team behind, and, which we’ve previously written about.



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