Natural Bio Lamp Shows Its Feeling Through Its Glow[Pics]

Natural Bio Lamp Shows Its Feeling Through Its Glow[Pics]
Arts & Culture

The sustainable, nature-inspired design aims to recreate a link between plants and humans.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 march 2012

Designer Floriane Rousse-Marquet’s ‘Gaia Bio Lamp‘ is a mobile light source that creates an ambient lighting effect, like a candle. Its aim is to build feelings of care and protection toward nature by enabling the plants to give feedback to the user through the lights.

This project has been made to recreate a link between the urban citizen and nature by linking the plant to the idea of pure energy, essential for humans. And thus, create a positive and simple behavior of the human kind in relation to nature: sun + water + care = energy

The Gaia Bio Lamp is made of recyclable materials and provided with three little lights. The natural batteries are assembled serially in order to create the right amount of energy required to turn on an LED. Click through to see images of the nature-inspired product:

Gaia Bio Lamp

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