Anti-Touch iPhone Cover Forces Users To Rely On Siri

Anti-Touch iPhone Cover Forces Users To Rely On Siri

The winning concept of a Shapeway's design competition makes you interact solely with the voice interface.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 march 2012

3D printing company Shapeways recently hosted a design competition calling for a physical representation of Siri. The winning submission for the 3D category was an iPhone case that completely covers the screen with a protruding face, forcing the user to interact with the voice interface instead of using the touchscreen.

‘Omniscient Siri’ by SaGa Design may not fit in your pocket, but the interesting design expresses the change that voice interface implies. The $90 cover still enables access to the side buttons and ports, and for more complicated tasks the phone can be easily slipped out of the top.

The androgynous face has a wry, elusive smile suggesting the machine knows something that the user does not. Behind Siri’s all-knowing gaze, the glow of the iphone screen is visible through the sculpture, and the main buttons are still accessible even when the screen is obscured.

Click the thumbnails below to see more images of the design concept:

SaGa Design

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