Why do customers keep coming back to Spillers Records in Wales - a store that has served music lovers for nearly 120 years.

This article titled “The world's oldest record shop: on the vinyl frontier since 1894” was written by Tom Lamont, for The Observer on Sunday 25th March 2012 00.05 UTC

The light-up sign in the window of Spillers Records, a suitcase-sized chock of blue and white acrylic, is off. The doors are locked. Outside, a man wearing a woolly hat and headphones checks the time: 20 past. He checks again. Still that.

Spillers opens at 9.30am, and it may be to divert the over-eager morning customer that some window space has been turned into a small exhibit, celebrating the shop's rich history in Cardiff. There are record sleeves from its days as a “phono exchange”, run by the Spiller family from 1894 to the 1940s. There are 7-inch single bags – relics, like the light-up sign, of the 1970s, when the shop was run by a local man called Nick Todd. A cardboard replica of Tom Jones invokes history more recent, the cut-out draped in branded Spillers T-shirts that were must-buys for loyal customers when the shop faced closure in 2010.

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