'How To Be A Retronaut' transports users back to late seventies, early eighties New York, for glimpses at another urban era.

We love New York. The energy, the hustle & bustle, and the many faces you visually collide with on a daily basis. But there are times when we’re walking the city streets and memories are sparked by a particular corner, deli, or street sign. When that happens, How To Be A Retronaut is the place to head to satiate your nostalgia fix because it’s nice to be reminded of the city’s colorful, gritty past which is not always evident in present day Manhattan.

Photographer, Michael Sean Edwards captured all these street scenes from 1978-1985. Have a glimpse of Midtown Manhattan in 1985, which is reminiscent of a scene in “Working Girl.” See how a photo from a 1979 street fair literally reflects signs of the times, as prices on a supermarket window in the background are primarily in cents instead of dollars. And still other images of the East Village and Astor Place capture what the city looked like before there was a Starbucks and other huge chain stores everywhere.

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