An Italian restaurant in Dubai has utilized Bluetooth technology to let customers order pizza by pressing a button on a fridge magnet connected to their smartphone.

Whenever we are home and hunger strikes, our typical instinct is to check the refrigerator for food we can easily grab. Capitalizing on this near-universal consumer behavior, the Red Tomato Italian restaurant in Dubai has created the VIP refrigerator magnet, a unique device that lets you order right where hunger strikes you the most: in front of the fridge.

The VIP refrigerator magnet lets you order a preset pizza meal with a push of a button. If you wish to order a pizza, simply press the button found on the refrigerator magnet and it will send an order to the restaurant via your smartphone’s bluetooth. Interested VIPs (Very Important Pizza lovers) may apply for their preset orders in the Red Tomato VIP magnet webpage.

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