Pop-Up Music Box Is A Private, One-On-One Performance Space

Pop-Up Music Box Is A Private, One-On-One Performance Space
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'Folk in a Box' is a small performance space that lets an audience member listen to a song by a musician sitting opposite them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 march 2012

Folk in a Box‘ is a small and intimate music venue that gives individual audience members the chance to experience one song by a musician in a dark and intense space. A new pop-up box has been designed for the project by Cristina Monteiro and David Knight, which can be easily dismantled and reassembled in different locations. There are plans to take it on a tour of the UK later this year, stopping in 24 different locations.

The Folk in a Box collective includes the musicians Dom Coyote, Emily Barker and Pepe Belmonte. They perform either an upbeat or downbeat song to the audience member in the pitch-black cabin and by the end the musician’s silhouette is just about visible. You can check out the ‘making of’ video below showing the box being constructed:

Folk in a Box

Photo by Sakiko Kohashi


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