The food ordering iPad app uses a simple, image-based interface to direct users towards either restaurants they frequently order from or ones they haven't tried.

Seamless, the site that lets you order food online from restaurants, has launched a free iPad app that uses smart, image-based design to direct users towards either places they frequently order from or to new takeout menus. The company, which operates in 12 U.S. metropolitan areas including New York, L.A., San Francisco and Boston, has seen an increasing amount of traffic from mobile apps, which now account for 25% of its overall transactions.

The Seamless iPad app makes photos and menus more prominent, with high-def images of venues and food items. Once you log in, you are taken to a screen with two plates. One reads “I’ll have the usual” and the other says “Show me the menus.” Selecting the first plate takes you to restaurants you’ve ordered from before, whereas choosing the second plate lets you discover new takeout menus from places you haven't tried before. The app also adds extra functionality, giving users the chance to rate restaurants and “like” menu items.

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