Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer: Adaptablility

Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer: Adaptablility

Top industry experts describe how important it is to be flexible and malleable, not only with your skill-set, but your expectations as well.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 3 march 2012

PSFK is revisiting our original series on the ins and outs of the Media Buying industry.

At PSFK, we monitor the constantly changing and endlessly updating digital media landscape, on a daily basis. We devour and curate content, but we thought that it would be interesting and intriguing to get the low-down on how these changes are effecting the industry from those for whom buying and selling media is their livelihood. We heard from the experts about what it takes to be truly successful in the biz.

In our segment on adaptability, we learned about the changing nature of the job of the media buyer itself. How working in an industry that is constantly innovating and updating, forces those in it to be able to expand their job description and skill set in order to be effective. A good media buyer needs to be ready for anything, and open to anything.


Jordan Bitterman, Senior Vice President in Media Marketing and Content/Digitas

Erica Mannherz, Digital Supervisor/Carat

Kristina DiMatteo, Associate Director of Client and Media Strategy/Morpheus Media

Nobles Crawfod, Media Supervisor/PHD


Secrets of a Killer Media Buyer

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