What are the most effective channel that lower-profile companies can leverage to get their message to the same audience as their larger counterparts, without breaking the bank?

Tiny brands have always had a tough time getting their message out, they have been hampered by an inability to afford the media and often lacked the creative firepower that can create an impact. Think slideshow ads in movie theaters.

Obviously, it’s still tough, but with lower technology costs and a plethora of available “free” online media, it’s now possible for small brands to punch well above its weight class.

A great example is Bamboo Sushi , a sushi restaurant in Portland, Oregon that prides itself in its sustainable principles and practices. Clearly, this is a brand that has the opportunity and need to educate and tell its story, but in the past, wouldn’t have had the means. Today, they can do this, not with a thirty second TV spot, but with a three and a half minute film, where they can do justice to the story.

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