Online Radio Lets The Artists Pick The Ads

Online Radio Lets The Artists Pick The Ads

Earbits is streaming radio service that aids indie artists in getting their music discovered and promoting themselves.

Plus Aziz
  • 1 march 2012

Earbits is a new player in the streaming radio market; users can stream personalized radio curated by genre experts. On the technology-side, Earbits integrates with social media platforms so listeners can share songs with friends.

While this might sound a lot like Pandora, part of what differentiates Earbits from its competitors, is the fact that artists can pay to have their songs played more often. The end goal is the creation of a radio-based, commercial-free music service that works directly with (primarily independent) record labels and event promoters. The platform has a hands-on approach where they license content one label/artist at a time. The only ads that one would hear on Earbits are paid for by venues, labels, and artists themselves.

CEO Joey Flores is hoping that this will foster an environment where Earbits can introduce new music to a larger audience, while still allowing independent artists to maintain control of their work.


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