Street Art App Lets You Track Your Proximity To Famous Works

Street Art App Lets You Track Your Proximity To Famous Works

London's unofficial street art curators develops an app to help guide tourists in locating over 280 famous street works by Banksy, Gors, and many others.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 29 march 2012

Apart from being the premiere social and cultural hub of England and the United Kingdom, the City of London is also known for its thriving graffiti and street art scene, with the works of  Banksy, Obey, Gors, and many other famous names gaining worldwide recognition through local and foreign tourism. As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games draws ever closer, more tourists will find their way into the streets of London to experience the hidden treasures of the city. Using this golden opportunity to promote the thriving graffitti scene, Street Art London has created an eponymous iPhone app that serves as a virtual guide to the locations of various urban artworks in the city.

Street Art London has successfully catalogued more than 280 artworks, which may be easily classified by artist, date, and location. The app also provides substantial biographical information on at least 90 recognized street artists. A tracking functionality named “Map Mode” may also be enabled, allowing the user to track his or her position relative to the street art locations on the map, making hunting for the striking images easier for the wandering tourist.

Click through the thumbnails below to see some of the iconic works:


Images by Street Art London


Street Art London

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