Robot Helicopter Will Deliver Your Tacos Anywhere

Robot Helicopter Will Deliver Your Tacos Anywhere

Imagine ordering delivery and having an unmanned copter drone (The Tacocopter) bring you your food. Is this the future of delivery?

Dylan Schenker
  • 26 march 2012

Could robots replace delivery drivers? A humorous new website has popped up recently with little explanation besides the service its purporting to offer – The Tacocopter. Apparently, anyone in the San Francisco area would hypothetically be able to order drone-delivered tacos from their smartphone if they happen to fancy some Mexican food.

As crazy as the idea might sound, it’s actually not a joke, although it’s nowhere near being realized, the Tacocopter was conceived by Star Simpson, Dustin Boyer and Scott Torborg and it is something they would ultimately like to see it come into being. Currently, however, specific regulations prevent what are considered “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” or UAVs, from being used commercially. If it was realized it could likely be a more efficient means of delivering food – avoiding traffic, moving faster, and even extending to hitherto undeliverable locations. Of course, logistics such as how to navigate the copter to and land it in the proper location are still things that need to be worked out.

Delivery systems in general could be revolutionized if UAVs were able to become properly regulated. Without having to worry about human employees deliveries could be done at any time of day to several customers at once. Larger packages would be moved more quickly across further distances to multiple destinations at once, and a single operator could control or monitor all of them.

Imagine people utilizing drone delivery in a public space at any time when they require something in that moment that can’t be purchased in their general proximity. Even, imagine any brick & mortar store utilizing drones to deliver their products within a specific radius.



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