PSFK spoke with the creator of ChronoTape, an interface designed to enable the physical representation of family history, about its creation and how Facebook's timeline could possibly have a real world counterpart.

Designed by recent PhD graduate, Peter Bennett and influenced by elements of ancient scrolls, microfilm and and reel-to-reel tape machines, the ChronoTape is a tangible timeline for family history research, developed as part of the PATINA project, within the Bristol Interaction & Graphics group. The device allows you to interact with data using a physical object and explores how a tangible interface can control time by essentially transforming it into something you can hold and manipulate. Deliberately simple, its internal makeup consists of a PS3 eye webcam for tracking the tape position, a battery powered pico projector for projecting onto the underside of the tape, USB hub for the memory stick, USB light to illuminate the markers on the underside of the tape,  mirror, an Arduino, three arcade buttons, and quite a lot of empty space (to give room for the projection to focus).

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