Photography Series Inserts Childhood Toys Into Adult Life

Photography Series Inserts Childhood Toys Into Adult Life
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Photographer, Julian Mauve created a series where everyday adult scenarios are juxtaposed with children's play things.

Kyana Gordon
  • 19 march 2012

The trip down memory lane started when French photographer, Julien Mauve began rummaging through his grandparents’ attic. There, he discovered an old, long forgotten box full of toys he had played with as a child which fueled the idea for his new photography project,‘Back To Childhood.’ Mauve’s series re-imagines how Twister, the original Nintendo Duck Hunt gun, a bright red toy phone, and other toys might fit into the context of adult life. With each image we see how easily they fit, while offering a humorous sense of nostalgia that’s rooted in our present world.

View more of Mauve’s compelling photographs by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Julien Mauve

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