Trans-Oceanic Tubes Could Be The Future Of Travel

Trans-Oceanic Tubes Could Be The Future Of Travel

The Evacuated Tube Transport concept promises "space travel on earth" and two hour travel times between New York and China.

Dylan Schenker
  • 26 march 2012

Ever wanted to go to China, but you were always too scared to fly? If and when a new underwater tunnel concept is realized you may never need to fly there again. The Evacuated Tube Transport (ET3) has the potential to revolutionize how we travel over oceans to other continents. Not only that, but it is likely to be safer, cheaper and more silent than trains or airplanes.

ET3 which advertises itself as “Space Travel on Earth” is a green, environmentally friendly idea where tubes and cars will be built out of sustainable materials and designed according to local and economic conditions. It works as a series of vacuum sealed tubes that propel electrically accelerated capsules between destinations. They speculate that travel between as countries as distant as China and New York could only take two hours. That means more than 4,000 mph when traveling to a destination.

Tubes will exist both above and below ground and will be can be large enough to accommodate a vehicle the size of a bus. Capsules will on average be approximately the size of an automobile and will comfortably fit six people. It is projected that due to how affordable operation will be that it has the potential to be paid entirely by advertising and that the cost to ride will be much lower than current systems.

The patent for ET3 was actually awarded in 1999 to Daryl Oster who has been refining his ideas as far back as the 1980s. In collaboration with transportation engineering PhD Dr. Zhang Yaoping dozens of licenses in five different countries have already been sold and it is likely if enough countries buy them the idea will come to fruition. A dozen licenses have already been sold in China alone.

ET3 has the ability to completely revolutionize travel not only on a transoceanic level but also locally as well. Tubes and capsules can be modified to be used for short-distant transit. It offers a vision of a future where we no longer need to worry about non-renewable energy sources or even different ways to travel. If this idea is ever implemented travel will no longer been seen as a luxury but something open to all people.

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