Twitter Feeds Expressed As Living Cells

Twitter Feeds Expressed As Living Cells

All of a users social network updates are visualized with an iPad app that displays them as biological cells and particles.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 march 2012

Biologic is a new data visualization iPad app from San Francisco start-up Bloom that provides an interesting way to view your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. The flow of information is displayed as a metaphor for the way biological cells communicate.

The app fills your screen with these cells, each one representing a different person. If they’ve posted content recently they’ll have a bigger cell. Each particle inside a cell represents a recent update from that cell’s user. You can tap an update to read it, follow links and find updates with different media such as photos, videos, links and check-ins. If a piece of content has been shared or retweeted then it will wiggle.

What Would Your Twitter Feed Look Like Expressed As Living Cells?

This layout aims to enable users to see the value of any piece of information at a glance. As users get used to the visual metaphors of Biologic and become comfortable navigating the app, Bloom plans to offer new tools that let them see different kinds of data connections or search for keywords such as hashtags.


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