Virgin’s Luxury First Class Features Whispering Flight Attendants

Virgin’s Luxury First Class Features Whispering Flight Attendants

The trans-Atlantic airline is launching a new and improved Upper Class Suite, complete with a crew that's easy on the ears.

Sarah Codraro
  • 1 march 2012

Virgin Atlantic’s newest addition to First Class is taking customers (down) to a whole new level.

The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite flight crew is being trained in the art of whispering. In a day-long training session, the staff will be learn how to whisper at the proper decibel level, (between 20 and 30 decibels is ideal), how to speak with the right tone and feeling, and how to intuitively assess a passengers’ needs. The new program is designed to allow passengers the most restful travel possible, free from noisy interruptions or intrusions from the crew. Virgin Atlantic owner, Sir Richard Branson, hopes this new conscientious approach to in-flight service will soothe and relax customers, allowing for the most restful flight experience possible.

The new and improved Upper Class Suite — complete with a fully trained whispering staff — launches this April and features some pretty luxurious amenities besides a quiet crew. Along with a chauffeur service to and from the airport, private security checks, and access to ‘The Clubhouse’ within the airport, the flight itself features leather armchairs, full length beds, double sleeper options, an array of freshly prepared meals, a full on-board bar, and a Revivals Lounge on the other end of your flight with hot showers.

Want to hear these pro-whisperers for yourself? The whole shebang will run you about $10,o00 for a flight from London to New York.

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