The Sonic Interface Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi]

The Sonic Interface Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi]

The ways in which we interact with our electronics are evolving as systems incorporate sonic-recognition technologies. These systems react to audio cues, providing a more of a natural user experience.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 10 march 2012

As we all begin to look forward to the interactive section of South By South West this March, PSFK has identified five key trends that readers should be monitoring during the festival. One of these trends, we have coined ‘Sonic Interface.’

The pervasiveness of electronics in virtually every aspect of daily life has prompted designers to rethink the way that people interact with their devices and the world around them. The next evolution of natural user interfaces sees voice and audio recognition technologies capable of reacting to spoken commands and audio cues, enabling people to perform a wider variety of instant, hands-free operations from searching for information to surfing the channels. Future advances in this technology point to emerging applications in areas ranging from security to personal health care.

One pertinent example of this trend that continues to come up in our research is voice-controlled electronics.

LG Develops Voice-Operated Remote Control

The South Korean electronics company LG has developed a TV remote control that can recognize simple voice commands. Utilizing Apple’s Siri technology, while speaking to the Magic Remote, users can search for online content, configure settings and control certain features. The voice-recognition technology will be an add-on to the current motion-gesture remote control. In addition, LG ‘s Magic Motion remote works similar to the Nintendo Wii where users can use certain hand and arm gestures to operate the onscreen menus.

Other Manifestations of the Sonic Interface trend:

1. Unlock Your Android With Just Your Voice

2.Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock Responds To Your Commands

3. Shazam Gives Out Recipes By Recognizing Baked Good Ads

4. Walmart’s iPhone App Lets You Speak, Type & Scan To Add Items To Your Shopping List

5. Kinect-Powered Online Banking Logs You In With Your Face And Voice

6. RF-3590: Voice Controlled Tablet For Soldiers

7. Whole Foods: Kinect Powered Shopping Cart Steered By Voice

8. Bubbly: Twitter By Voice

9. Air Dictate: App Brings Siri Voice Commands To Macs

10. Google TV: Voice Interface Controls TVs Via Android Phone

People to follow around the Sonic Interface trend:

David Jones: David is EVP Marketing of the Shazam music and content discovery service. @Shazam

David Polinchock: David is the Director of the AT&T AdWorks Lab, a space designed to explore insights and innovative ad opportunities. @polinchock

Steve Clayton: Steve works with people across all levels of Microsoft in order to figure out what’s coming next in the tech world and how the company can best utilize and incorporate that info. @stevecla

 Click here to check out PSFK’s guide for SXSWi, to help you to continue following the Sonic Interface Trend.

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