Will The Wine Of The Future Come In A Can?

Will The Wine Of The Future Come In A Can?

An innovative can design for winemaker EB-Secco appeals to new markets and target consumers aged 20-39.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 march 2012

Beverage can producer Ball Packaging Europe has developed a new design for fruit wine maker EB-Secco, which was presented to consumers at the ProWein trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany last week. Offering wine in cans is an attempt to open new markets and opportunities in light of rising wine exports, longstanding cork risks and declining favor amongst young people in traditional wine consumption areas.

Packaging wine in these cans has a number of benefits according to the manufacturer. They are completely lightproof, gastight, recyclable and a special lacquer on the inside avoids undesired reactions between the wine and the aluminum can.

Their small size and low weight makes these cans efficient and convenient for transportation and storage, and they are described as ideal for airlines, trains, passenger ships and hotel minibars. The target group for this canned wine is 20-39-year-old consumers who may not be traditional wine drinkers but like to try new products that are innovative and sustainable.

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